My attitude towards writing is very straightforward – deliver the information in the simplest, most engaging way possible, so that everyone understands and enjoys it, whether they're 6 years old or 86 years old. In my 10 years of writing content for newspapers, corporate websites, feature magazines, instructional eBooks, real estate agencies and so on, I've honed this skill into a fine art.

Whether it's a feature article, technical document, conversational blog, editorial news piece, or informative web copy, I make sure the reader is enjoying what they're reading, and not drifting off to thoughts of what they're going to cook for dinner.

Oh yeah, I've done some other stuff too – I've assisted in running long-distance bicycle tours in Africa, southeast Asia and Europe, I've taught English in Poland, I've poured drinks in Portugal, I've waited tables in New Zealand... you name it.

This, on top of my ongoing travel adventures, has all come together to give me extensive life experience, the ability to adapt to any work environment or project I find myself involved in, and a deep-seeded appreciation for my qualifications and the opportunities I've been lucky enough to undertake.

I'm extremely self-motivated, and I love being busy – hence why I chase down work rather than wait for it to come to me! However, I do love it when an exciting new project falls into my lap, so if you'd like to discuss my services, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Here are some clients I have worked with or continue to work with: