I write all kinds of content in a wide range of styles, for a wide range of purposes, for a wide range of audiences… Have I said “wide range” too much? Is that poor content writing, or will my message stick in your head better now?

The first step to writing content is research. How can I write about Australian real estate if I know nothing about the Australian property market? I take the time to learn what I need to learn about whatever industry I’m writing about, so that my content is accurate and credible. This means that regardless of what you need written, I can probably help you – unless you’re a nuclear physicist who needs help turning your notes into an instructional eBook of how to construct a rocket… then I might be in trouble.

Here’s a breakdown of the services I can provide.


Web Content

I can write engaging content for your website that accurately explains what your company does, how you do it, why clients should choose you over your competitors and where they can find you. I ensure that your website’s copy is clear, simple, easy to read and covers all the essential information that people need to know when browsing your website. 

The trick is to find the perfect balance between technical writing and creative writing, so that your desired audience doesn’t find the content too boring, nor too vague. This is where my experience in both editorial and creative writing allows me to achieve lively, enthusiastic web copy that ensures your readers understand everything perfectly.


Corporate Blogs and Feature Articles

Depending on your business, you might require a blog that keeps your target audience up to date on new developments in the industry or within your own company. Publishing regular articles that coincide with your products and services also reinforces that you’re a leading authority in your industry. These articles might be daily, weekly or monthly – perhaps you only need a handful of one-off articles written that you can then share with your clients to answer FAQs and save you valuable time in the future.

Whatever your needs are, I can produce extremely well-written articles in whichever tone of voice suits your brand’s style. These articles can be circulated on your social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to boost your online presence and get your brand appearing higher and higher up those crucial Google searches.


Instructional eBooks and Guides

Many of my clients require documents that explain their products, services or processes. By having this information laid out in a well-structured and clearly written eBook or PDF guide, you can send this document to potential clients who need more information before committing to your brand. You can also have these documents readily available on your website for anyone to download and read at their leisure.


Editing & Proofreading Services

It still baffles me how often you see some of the most professional, world-renowned companies post horribly written content that clearly hasn’t been proofread. It’s one thing to spot a spelling mistake on a Chinese restaurant take-out menu, or notice poor grammar in a community newspaper, but no brand worth its salt should ever be publishing copy that reads like it was written by a nine-year-old. 

That being said, sometimes messages need to be delivered urgently – especially in the online world. If you need someone to cast their eye over chunks of content as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can get the information online immediately, I’ve got you covered.

I have a knack for taking text and tweaking it to be more readable without sacrificing any of the core information that needs to be conveyed – I can do this kind of work under extremely tight turnaround times, so that you can post your stuff in a hurry without jeopardising the quality.


Slogans, Taglines and Catchphrases

Aside from long-form content, I also specialise in short-form copy, which essentially means using the least amount of words to create the biggest impact possible on whichever audience you’re targeting. I’ve written highly effective slogans and taglines for numerous clients, which were used in posters, brochures and other promotional content to catch consumers’ eyes and reel them in.


I incorporate search engine optimisation into all the content that I write, whether it’s a client’s “About Us” webpage or a featured blog about a client’s recent expansion into a new market (for example). When I write content, my first priority is to make it accurate, readable and enjoyable. My second priority is to make it appear on that crucial first page of search engines, so that people find you when they are looking for that special thing that your brand is offering.